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World of corruption is a tbc based server set on patch 3.3.2 which enables players to play fun TBC pvp content on the latest patch.
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 [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application

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PostSubject: [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application   [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 4:18 pm

2. What is your real name?

Ryan Burnett

3. How old are you?

im 19 years old 20 in 3 months

5. What three words best describe yourself?

Truthful, Friendly,Mature

6. Which time zone are you in? ( Ex., EST / PST )

mountain time

7. What are your normal playing times?

well I play pretty often I can login several times a day, sometimes I play all night, I do not sleep much, I just dont like sleeping that much I think its a waste of time, I stay away with 5 hours of sleep or less easily but in my Timezone I guess my gametime is around 6 pm to 6am at most lol but ususally until 2-3 am . that would be from 12 pm to 8-9 pm US time

8. How many hours a day do you play?

6 maybe. it differs but its quite many a day

9. What's are your character names and playing time for each character?

Nightmare played time : 10 days and 21 hours

10. When did you start playing World of Warcraft?

a long time ago when max lvl was 60. but I quit when burning crusade came out.

11. Which realm would you like to be a GM on?

Blizz-Like Realm

12. What interests you most about the GM position?

Well, ive played all the instances, gotten all of the gear, ive helped alot of people ive Created a Guild, I fee like ive done the most, now im just interessted in helping people in a different way, I also really want to host events and give prizes to players.

14. What is the most important part of being a GM?

Being loyal to the service, respecting all the rules, make sure that people follow those rules, help new players to get a hang of the game and answer any questions they might have.

15. Have you ever been a GM on any other Private servers?

Yes, Girlscout from BLizz Like realm has made a server and he made me a GM, the server wasnt up for long (due to Admins personal irl problems) though but ive handled the GM concept well and I know how it works.

15a. If so where and how long?

it was for about a week, the server didnt have a site yet. it was called BLizzshido

16. Explain why you think you would be a good WOW GM in 25 words of less.

I have played on servers for a quite long time, I know alot of people there, ive helped alot of people, and im well recognized there.

17. Why should we recruit you to our GM team?

I will follow the rules, make sure other players do the same, and I will host events and make sure everybody has a great time on the server.

18. What positive additions could you make to the UndamedWoW Community if you became a GM?

I will be a friendly and fun GM, still sticking to the rules ofcourse, and I will try to offer new types of events, I could come up with sollutions to any problems you might have with the server or players, or the way the world is customized, as in your own NPCs and such, i can be quite creative.

19. Do you have a good knowledge of GM commands?

yes I do since ive used them before, I also have GMH addon file and a text document with all GM commands, although I guess some servers have restricted some or have a few different ones.

20. Are you willing to use Ventrilo to communicate with players and GM's?

yes ive used Ventrilo before when I played retail wow and I have a good microphone and I got no problem using it.

21. Imagine you are GM, and a player asks you to teach him his/her class missing skills, do you teach it? or do you ask her/him to make a ticket?

I ask them to make a ticket about their problem and see if I can find a sollution around it Tex another trainer, or see if there might be a bug of some type, if its a known problem I ask them to make a ticket then resolve their issue as well as I can.
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[DECLINED]Nightmares gm application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application   [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 4:26 pm

Also looks like you rushed through you application

"What realm would you like to be GM on" Blizzlike this isnt a blizzlike might wanna read more

it is a Copied app too how much time played? 10 hours? you are new

for me its a no sorry
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[DECLINED]Nightmares gm application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application   [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 4:29 pm

DECLINED You have clearly applied on another server and not even bothered to read into this server.
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[DECLINED]Nightmares gm application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application   [DECLINED]Nightmares gm application Empty

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[DECLINED]Nightmares gm application
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